High school experience

High school is our first insight to real society

The first place where we learn to behave in society is school. However, our first insight to real society occurs in high school, where children are no longer children, and we all start to have deeper thoughts about what’s going to be our lives like, what kind of people we want to be in the future and what are our perspectives of life.

When I look back at my high school experience, I can say that maybe I didn´t realize what I was living. I was getting to know the different facets of society, its diverse and complementary components, and how it all works even with my not-conscious participation. High school is the place where we first know the different kinds of people that compose real society. In this essay I want to share what I could see in high school and what I learned in it about society. I’m going to write about how I think my class mates saw me at that time, the different people stereotypes I saw, and how I realize that all of us play a fundamental and complementary role in society.

Some years ago, when I was in high school, I couldn’t stand the noisy people, so I always hanged out with a small group of the class, not precisely the popular ones, but people with whom I felt really comfortable. I always did my homework at time and got the best grades of the class. I wasn’t very talkative; in fact, I was really quiet almost all the time. I had a few friends, maybe just one or two, and with them I talked all I wanted to. So, I think my classmates maybe saw a bit me as a nerd, but mostly as a really shy and reserved person. I say this because I never look like the typical nerd stereotype (I mean, in physical appearance) since I have always been a person who likes to dress well. What most stood out of my personality was my silence. Therefore, I think in that time I represented the quiet people, the ones that seems almost invisible to the eyes of society.

As I was a solitary girl, I usually had time to watch my environment, the people around me. In my high school you could see the hardworking people, the ones that everyday put all their effort to succeed. There were also the cool and popular ones, those whose entire lives were focused on being pretty and perfect. On the other hand, there were the ‘mean boys’, I call them like that because they were always bothering others and laughing of them. However, there was also their counterparty, the people who were always helping others and being kind. I didn´t have the chance to see the famous stereotype of the ones that hadn´t good life experiences and turned into delinquents or criminals, like in the movie watched in class with the character of John Bender. But I know that that happens a lot too, and that it’s a reality in every part of the world. So, everyone has their reasons to be like they are, everyone has passed through different life experiences and because of that we turn out being different people. Like in high school, you can see a variety of stereotypes everywhere you go.

I realize that I, as a student, could see a lot of stereotypes and characters of the real world, and now I notice that all those people, all the pieces of the puzzle are necessary to complete the final scenery. We all are unique and fundamental to make this society work, and we have more in common than we think. Without the poor it wouldn´t exist the rich, without the criminals it wouldn´t exist the justice, without black, it wouldn’t exist white and all the colors in the middle. When we are at high school, we should respect everyone even though they may be totally opposite from us. We have to understand that all of us can contribute to society and that we are all necessary in this world.


Climate change: What other environmental problems has mankind created during the last century?

Despite the fact of having a full knowledge on what´s happening to our planet, the civilized humanity remains extremely ignorant and unconscious.

All of us, in one way or another, have some notion about the great damage we have caused to our own planet Earth. However, I can assure you that just a few people actually do something about it, while the rest of us just stand idly by and doing absolutely nothing. It´s like we don´t really care about any other life form,or about our planet, but mostly about our own future as human race. All of this occurs even when we have a full knowledge about it, and that knowledge is not just in front of us, but everywhere!

To prove my point of view I will just give you some data of which everyone have all heard from. I will go over the mankind´s unsustainable use of natural resources, the excessive water pollution that industries and factories produce, and the human activities that have triggered the extinction of many animal species.

Most people may think that an ecological crisis is far less serious than the current financial crisis. But well, if you think so too, I must tell you: you cannot be more wrong. As you know, mankind is removing the planet’s biodiverse resources at an alarming rate. We are using 30% more resources than the Earth can replenish each year, and that´s leading not only to environmental and health problems, but also to huge shifts in the values of these resources. One natural resource that is increasingly scarce and likely to trigger tensions worldwide is fresh water. Less than 3% of the world’s water is fresh. According to the World Resources Institute, growing demand for water is expected to exceed supply well before 2025. A Living Planet report predicts that by 2030, if nothing changes, mankind would need two planets to sustain its lifestyle. This problem is getting worse and worse as populations and mass-consumption keep on growing. So, what is worse? A financial crisis or the fact that soon we won´t even have enough water to live with?

Well, scarcity of natural resources and specially scarcity of water is one thing, but water pollution is also a major global problem that urgently needs of our concern. This issue has become the most common problem due to the rapid increase in industrialization. It has been suggested that it is the leading worldwide cause of deaths and diseases, and that it accounts for the deaths of more than 14,000 people daily. An estimated 700 million Indians have no access to a proper toilet, and 1,000 Indian children die of diarrheal sickness every day. Consequences of water pollution have disastrous effects in both the ecosystem and human beings, and the major sources of this pollution are the pollutants that industries across the globe produce. Even though industries are aware of all this damage, they are still producing all kinds of pollutants in huge amounts, such as Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Nitrates, Phosphates, Sulphur, Oils and Petrochemicals.

Accelerated rates of animal extinction and endangerment are also a big problem nowadays. It has been estimated that the current extinction rates are around 1,000 times higher than the “background” extinction rates. And guess what, who could be the main responsible for this? … You´re right; we, the most “evolved” race of the world, are without any doubt the main fundamental cause of animal extinction. The extinction of animals is also due to industrial progress and rapid growth in human populations. The deforestation, pollution, global warming and hunting have caused that thousands of species had become extinct from the planet in the last 100 years alone. And human activities does not just affect animals, but the world biodiversity in general too. Based on figures from 2005, the index indicates global biodiversity has declined by nearly a third since 1970. Breakdowns of the overall figure show the tropical species index fell by half and the temperate index remained stable but at historically low levels. Divided up another way, indices for terrestrial, freshwater and marine species, and for tropical forests, drylands and grasslands all showed significant declines.

So, to conclude, what can we do to minimize all the damage caused? Would you do something after reading this essay? In fact, more than an ecological crisis, we´re facing a crisis of understanding, don´t you think? The exploitation of natural resources is closely linked to economic progress of the countries where this process occurs. We should strive to find the right balance between human welfare and nature &animal welfare – that is the only way forward towards harmony of man and nature. And also, is the only way of keep on living in this planet.

The Matrix = The Allegory of the Cave

I think the Matrix is a modern version of “The Allegory of the Cave”, written by Plato.

Nowadays we´re living in a society so rushed that it seems like we were machines instead of human beings. Everything happens at a speed that makes it difficult to tell if what we experience is reality or just a dream. That´s why, a long time ago a man named Plato wrote a myth that tried to describe the ignorance of men. In this story entitled “The Allegory of the Cave,” Plato describes a dark underground cave where a group of people are sitting in one long row with their backs to the cave’s entrance. Chained to their chairs since childhood, the only thing the prisoners could see was the distant cave wall in front of them. On this wall there were reflected shadows of statues been displayed by unseen ‘puppet handlers’. Their view of reality is solely based upon this rather limited view of moving shadows. This is what is real to them. It is important to note that the prisoners do not realize that they are being held captive, since that existence is all they have ever known. The theme of the allegory is that their reality is a poor copy of the real world.

So, that been said, here we have three important similarities. First of all in the Allegory men were chained to their chairs, forced to watch a reality created by other beings. In The Matrix all human beings are put into some kind of embryonic pods, where they also are forced to asume a false reality.

We can also say that in The Matrix, the ‘puppet handlers’ are represented by the machines, since they are those who manipulate the reality and maintain humans living in a lie.

Finally, we already know that in both cases humans live in a fantasy world believing that is the real one. They do not realize that they’re being fooled.

Well, those are the first similarities that came to my mind between ‘The Matrix’ and ‘The Allegory of the cave’, but these both stories are full of explicit ‘coincidences’ in their arguments. I’m sure that The Matrix is totally inspired by this myth written by Plato.


16. What is the main message of the film ‘The Matrix’?


My work on the class video project

Well, first of all I was meant to work in just 2 groups to create the treatments, but I decided to help a third group and I worked with them too. So, I contributed with several ideas to create the treatment for: “psychotic attack report”, “foosball table report” and “the energy drink commercial”.

Besides of giving ideas and planning what was going to happen in each of those segments of the video project with my classmates, I also had the responsibility to write all the treatments. I worked really fast and productively and I was one of the first students to upload all the treatments finished. I uploaded the treatment of “the foosball table report” on May 30, the treatment of “the psychotic attack report” the same day (May 30); and the treatment of “the energy drink commercial” on May 31. Then I started working on the script for “The psychotic attack”, and that was a little more complicated for me since I had to imagine how the entire situation was going to be like in terms of emotions, what would be the reactions of the survivors, and how was a “normal” psychopath profile… I mean, to give him a real and believable personality.

So, having that been said, I created 3 treatments and one script for our class video project. I finished the script for the psychotic attack on June 10 and I chose to be one of the directors for the project on June 13. The next day I printed the script I made and I gave it to the teacher.

On Saturday 2, the first shooting day, I was meant to direct the Taca-taca fight and the Psycho survivor interviews, but I wasn`t able to go because of a severe migraine product of the chronic sinusitis that I had been diagnosed a few days ago. I felt terrible and so I called a classmate to inform that I wasn`t going to go. I`m really sorry about that, but I know it was not in my hands. Anyway I have the “medical certificate” for the diagnosis, and I`m still fighting the disease these days.

Well, the next week I participated in the record of the accident in the elevator, I had to pretend that the elevator was falling down and so I had to scream and yell and hit the walls of the elevator! It was real fun, even though we had to do a lot of takes so that it could look like a real i-report video.

Finally, on Thursday 07 (the final shooting day) I got lost in Santiago trying to get to Anthony`s home, hahaha, but I finally arrived there by 11:30 AM. First I helped some actors to practice their lines (the intonation, emphasis and pronunciation). I also wrote the lines of Francisco on large pieces of paper so he could read (at the moment of recoding) in case he forgot his dialogue. I directed the “essay takes” of the newscast, I helped again some actors so they could do it better, and I also gave them some advices personally. I put all my attention in every minute detail and I tried my best while I was directing the scenes. After some time I started to feel pretty ill, so when I noticed that Marcela (my co-director partner) was able to direct some scenes I took a little break. Then I came back and continued my work in the final shootings.

I think everything turned out pretty well, I`m looking forward to watch the whole video soon! It really was a wonderful experience.

Yenisei Espinoza

My progress in classes…

  • Monday, May 30: I uploaded the  treatment of the psychotic attack report and the treatment of the foosball table report.
  • Tuesday, May 31: I uploaded the treatment of the energy drink commercial.
  • Wednesday, June 1: I started to write the script of the psychotic attack report.
  • Thursday, June 2: I continued writing the script of the psychotic attack in my scriptbuddy account.
  • Friday, June 10: I finished the script of the psychotic attack.
  • Monday, June 13: I chose to be in the Direction Group.
  • Tuesday, June 14: I brought the script of the psycho to the class and I gave it to the teacher.

Energy drink




It begins with a long panning of the backyard. Within the panning is glimpsed a turban between the bushes, so the camera rapidly goes back to the turban and focuses it. The turban goes up and Osama`s eyes are seen between the leaves. He looks both sides (because he`s hiding) and suddenly starts to run with a drink in his right hand. He is wearing a long white robe with a sleeveless grey vest. The camera follows him and focuses the drink while he`s running. The next scene shows him really carefree and euphoric while playing foosball with 3 students (so it`s assumed that there`s nobody that can find him and arrest him). He is seen laughing and drinking from his energy drink at every second. We pass to another scene where he is running down the main staircase of the university in a funny way (always holding his drink). So he gets to the first floor, takes one last sip of the energy drink and screams “lalalala” (representing that the energy drink is amazing and leaves him revitalized). He faces the camera and widely smiles showing the drink in his right hand. Here is when the slogan of the energy drink (the product) is shown. The end.

Psychotic attack



–  The entrance

It starts with a panning showing the face of the university (from left to right) that ends when the reporter shows up with a microphone. Behind the reporter there`s an amount of students chatting. The reporter introduces the event that happened a few hours ago (the psychopathic attack to the students) and says that the newscast have a short ireporter video of a survivor student (for the viewers to understand better the event). Then the ireporter video is shown. In this video it`s seen the classroom from the point of view of a survivor student`s camera, who is at the end of the classroom, in the corner in front of the entry door. So, a professor is giving his habitual class to his students and then suddenly the psychopath student enters the classroom with a gun in his hands. In just one second all the students freak out and the psychopath starts shooting everywhere. All the students start to run and so the student holding the camera, who loses a little bit the control of it (of the camera). He goes out of the classroom before some of his class mates (he is one of the first students that escape and get out of the classroom) and while he`s running some shots are heard and the camera is turned off, fading to black. We (the viewers) get back to the reporter, who is next to the amount of students that were chatting. She (the reporter) asks questions (about their experiences) to 2 students (including the survivor student that recorded the ireporter video) . They are really shocked and describe the psychopath student to the reporter. The reporter turns back to the camera and ends the report saying that he`ll stay in the scene to maintain contact with the studio if anything more happens. We get back to the studio and the anchor woman passes to some other news. The end.