The English Patient


Hana is my favorite character of the movie because I found her very kindhearted and pure. Through the movie you can see she is a really strong and determined woman too. She was forced to mature really fast and had to carry on with her life after the cruelties of war and her boyfriend`s death. She becomes into a nurse in a very hostile world, just wanting to help others and heal all the pain she finds. I admire her because she also has to face her dad`s death all by herself, and if you bring together all the story of her life, you may think she should be an ice hearted woman, with a short temper and cold feelings, but she is quite the opposite! And after all the drama she passed through her life she still cares about others and looks after the English patient with a really touching love and warmth. I think Hana`s character is very paradoxical and interesting, because although she is very mature for her age, she still plays like a little girl and sees the world with innocent eyes, thinking that everyone is nice and noble. This point can be represented in how she thinks of the English patient, seeing him as a hero when she doesn`t even know him.


One response to “The English Patient

  1. yeah, I agree with you. Hana is so strong without losing her faith in other human beings. I think she represents the hopeful future after the war. even Caravaggio manages to find love and it looks like he´ll be happy after all, despite wanting to kill everyone… even though shes cursed at the beginning of the film, she manages, with the help of kip and almasy, to see the good in people and to believe in a better future (represented by the little girl she smiles at on the truck at the end of the film)… good post.

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