The desert flower

Hope and Love

I think the”delicious liquid”, of which Almásy talks about, represents a source of life, the hope Katherine and Almásy are looking for in a place where they can see no shelter, no food or water. He said they could cut the plant, but anyway it will be full of hope the next day… it would be full of life even though it should be dead. So, I think he`s comparing the plant and its liquid with himself and his feelings for Katherine. Their love has no “shelter” and it seems it has no hope too, but despite that, and even though he cut out his heart every night, his love for Katherine remains in his soul, like a delicious liquid that appears every morning.


2 responses to “The desert flower

  1. Nice post. I’m going to send you some advice on how to perfect this so that I can post it on the main page, in a few days, vale?

  2. Ok profe, no problem! 🙂

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