Foosball table



– The yard

A reporter is standing in front of the camera. Behind the reporter it`s visible a foosball table. The reporter starts to talk about the new acquisition purchased by the university. The cameraman makes a panning showing a long line of people, who are waiting their turn to play. The reporter begins to ask questions to the people standing in the row. He (the reporter) talks with 2 or 3 people and then asks questions to one of the teams playing. Because of that the couple of players (to which the reporter asked questions) are distracted and loses the match. They lose their turn to play and now another couple wants to play, but the first couple doesn`t want to drop and they blame the reporter. Here is when a fight begins between the first couple and the couple that wants to take their turn to play. They start hitting each other and the reporter is so impressed that he comes closer to them (he calls the cameraman to go with him and film the fight closer). They came so close that the cameraman receives a punch and so the camera loses control and fade to black. So that there`s a cut and we (the viewers/spectators) get back to the studio where the anchor woman says that apparently they (as a newscast) have some technical difficulties and they have to go on with another news. The end.


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