Psychotic attack



–  The entrance

It starts with a panning showing the face of the university (from left to right) that ends when the reporter shows up with a microphone. Behind the reporter there`s an amount of students chatting. The reporter introduces the event that happened a few hours ago (the psychopathic attack to the students) and says that the newscast have a short ireporter video of a survivor student (for the viewers to understand better the event). Then the ireporter video is shown. In this video it`s seen the classroom from the point of view of a survivor student`s camera, who is at the end of the classroom, in the corner in front of the entry door. So, a professor is giving his habitual class to his students and then suddenly the psychopath student enters the classroom with a gun in his hands. In just one second all the students freak out and the psychopath starts shooting everywhere. All the students start to run and so the student holding the camera, who loses a little bit the control of it (of the camera). He goes out of the classroom before some of his class mates (he is one of the first students that escape and get out of the classroom) and while he`s running some shots are heard and the camera is turned off, fading to black. We (the viewers) get back to the reporter, who is next to the amount of students that were chatting. She (the reporter) asks questions (about their experiences) to 2 students (including the survivor student that recorded the ireporter video) . They are really shocked and describe the psychopath student to the reporter. The reporter turns back to the camera and ends the report saying that he`ll stay in the scene to maintain contact with the studio if anything more happens. We get back to the studio and the anchor woman passes to some other news. The end.


One response to “Psychotic attack

  1. great, I have one question.. is the footage in the classroom a recreation or is it i-reporter footage. You say “recreation” but it seems like we’re talking about ireporter footage.

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