Energy drink




It begins with a long panning of the backyard. Within the panning is glimpsed a turban between the bushes, so the camera rapidly goes back to the turban and focuses it. The turban goes up and Osama`s eyes are seen between the leaves. He looks both sides (because he`s hiding) and suddenly starts to run with a drink in his right hand. He is wearing a long white robe with a sleeveless grey vest. The camera follows him and focuses the drink while he`s running. The next scene shows him really carefree and euphoric while playing foosball with 3 students (so it`s assumed that there`s nobody that can find him and arrest him). He is seen laughing and drinking from his energy drink at every second. We pass to another scene where he is running down the main staircase of the university in a funny way (always holding his drink). So he gets to the first floor, takes one last sip of the energy drink and screams “lalalala” (representing that the energy drink is amazing and leaves him revitalized). He faces the camera and widely smiles showing the drink in his right hand. Here is when the slogan of the energy drink (the product) is shown. The end.


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