My work on the class video project

Well, first of all I was meant to work in just 2 groups to create the treatments, but I decided to help a third group and I worked with them too. So, I contributed with several ideas to create the treatment for: “psychotic attack report”, “foosball table report” and “the energy drink commercial”.

Besides of giving ideas and planning what was going to happen in each of those segments of the video project with my classmates, I also had the responsibility to write all the treatments. I worked really fast and productively and I was one of the first students to upload all the treatments finished. I uploaded the treatment of “the foosball table report” on May 30, the treatment of “the psychotic attack report” the same day (May 30); and the treatment of “the energy drink commercial” on May 31. Then I started working on the script for “The psychotic attack”, and that was a little more complicated for me since I had to imagine how the entire situation was going to be like in terms of emotions, what would be the reactions of the survivors, and how was a “normal” psychopath profile… I mean, to give him a real and believable personality.

So, having that been said, I created 3 treatments and one script for our class video project. I finished the script for the psychotic attack on June 10 and I chose to be one of the directors for the project on June 13. The next day I printed the script I made and I gave it to the teacher.

On Saturday 2, the first shooting day, I was meant to direct the Taca-taca fight and the Psycho survivor interviews, but I wasn`t able to go because of a severe migraine product of the chronic sinusitis that I had been diagnosed a few days ago. I felt terrible and so I called a classmate to inform that I wasn`t going to go. I`m really sorry about that, but I know it was not in my hands. Anyway I have the “medical certificate” for the diagnosis, and I`m still fighting the disease these days.

Well, the next week I participated in the record of the accident in the elevator, I had to pretend that the elevator was falling down and so I had to scream and yell and hit the walls of the elevator! It was real fun, even though we had to do a lot of takes so that it could look like a real i-report video.

Finally, on Thursday 07 (the final shooting day) I got lost in Santiago trying to get to Anthony`s home, hahaha, but I finally arrived there by 11:30 AM. First I helped some actors to practice their lines (the intonation, emphasis and pronunciation). I also wrote the lines of Francisco on large pieces of paper so he could read (at the moment of recoding) in case he forgot his dialogue. I directed the “essay takes” of the newscast, I helped again some actors so they could do it better, and I also gave them some advices personally. I put all my attention in every minute detail and I tried my best while I was directing the scenes. After some time I started to feel pretty ill, so when I noticed that Marcela (my co-director partner) was able to direct some scenes I took a little break. Then I came back and continued my work in the final shootings.

I think everything turned out pretty well, I`m looking forward to watch the whole video soon! It really was a wonderful experience.

Yenisei Espinoza


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